D.A.R.E. is a program throughout the city of Irvine to help kids recognize that they must be drug free in order to live a better and healthier future.  At my school, you create a project in December to demonstrate a strong, clear, drug fee message.  You have three options on what to make.  They are a poster, a poem, or an essay.  I chose to make a poem for my D.A.R.E. project because I thought that I had a pretty good talent of poetry.  Here was my poem:

Drugs are where things fall apart,

Avoid them to get a big head start.

There’s a huge list of them that come your way,

All you’ve got to do is say no and turn away.

Some of them may ruin your lives,

Just know what to do when the situation arrives.

Don’t get sick nor catch any disease,

Just make good choices and it should be a breeze.

Smoking tobacco can cause tons of damage,

Just avoid it and treat it like bad ravage.

Then comes another one; it’s a marijuana cigarette,

These can especially make your body upset.

Alcohol and beer can make you turn drunk,

Just say no and describe it as junk.

Basically, just try to stay drug free,

Make reasonable choices and avoid debris.

Drugs will damage your body seriously,

Physically, socially, mentally, and emotionally.

Lastly, do not let others define your life for you,

Make your own choices and know what to do.

I submitted the poem above only hoping to become the winner.  Fortunately, I did win first place!  The poem could have been longer (since I love making my poems as long as possible), but this was the maximum length of the poem requirements.  Hope you enjoyed reading!