Hello, everybody!  As you know, I am very passionate for mathematics.  I decided to create a poem about math.  Enjoy!

Math is not just numbers and signs,
Instead it's patterns that our world defines.
Look around you; shapes and sizes,
Look at the Earth's many prizes.
Math is something that establishes connections,
Check out all of math's different sections.
Variables and coefficients in algebra,
Geometry that describes a parabola.
Add, subtract, and more in computation,
Simplifying expressions with calculation.
Math is more than solving situations,
More than calculus of variations.
Math is what builds all foundations,
It's what simplifies any operations.
Math has been working for generations and generations,
And with it you can exceed all expectations.
Think again, now, math is very useful,
I'm not kidding; I'm being truthful.
Now it's time to conclude what's here,
That's all I've got for you to hear.

That's right!  Did you know that if you ask somebody a simple question, you can tell how well they do in mathematics.  The question is, "What is math?"  It might seem impossible at first, but it actually works.

For example, most people will just say, "numbers," "a lot of rules," or "a subject."  The best possible answer would be something like, "patterns and connections and how they interact with each other."  But then again, a long answer doesn't necessarily mean it's a good answer.  So just keep in mind this one sentence: "Whatever you think math is, math shows it when you calculate for an answer."  Thanks!