Solution for December:

 There are 44 kids in the circle.  If you think about it, a circle with 4 children will have the 1st kid opposite the 3rd, and the 2nd kid opposite the 4th.  If I told you only that the 2nd kid is opposite of the 4th, you would solve it like this:

4 (4th child) - (opposite of) 2 (2nd child) = 2 (2 kids inside half of the circle)
2 (2 kids inside half the circle) * 2 = 4 (4 kids in the entire circle)

The same math applies for the math puzzle of the month:

29 - 7 = 22
22 * 2 = 44

Congratulations to all who solved the math puzzle correctly!  Now for the math puzzle of the New Year!

Math Puzzle of the Month of January 2012

 A calender is hanging on your fridge.  Each month is on a separate page and each page's title is in a different color.   For example, January could be green.  If January 2012 is green, then January 2013 must have a green title as well.  No other month on the calendar except January can be green. The calendar starts on January 2012.  You want to know what month is the last month on your calendar.  Here is the coloring:

January = Green

February = Magenta

March = Yellow

April = Pale Tan

May = Orange

June = Fire Truck

July = Blue Violet

August = Blue

September = Light Turquoise

October = Pumpkin

November = Silver

December = White

If all of the titles are blue except for 29 titles, and all of the titles are blue violet except for 28 titles, what is the last month on your calendar?  (Note: Month and year required in answer.)

Good luck!  Happy New Year!