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Math Puzzle of the Month of June 2012

Posted by Omar Mughal on Sunday, May 13, 2012, In : Mathematics 
Here's the solution to the puzzle of March:

 The point is that you need to arrive at a situation where "either the fake coin is lighter and is one of these coins; or the fake coin is heavier and is one of those coins".

The first weigh is: 4 vs 4

We will consider 2 cases:

A) the left side is heavier than the right side
B) the two sides are of the same weight

for A) the fake coin is on the scale, that means the remaining coins are all real, for ease of explanation we name the coins as follows:

H1, H2,...

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Solution to Math Puzzle of the Month of January 2012 and Math Puzzle of the Month of March 2012

Posted by Omar Mughal on Tuesday, February 28, 2012, In : Mathematics 
Hello everyone. Sorry about missing out on the "Math Puzzle of the Month of February 2012", but, anyways, this is the solution to the puzzle of January.

The last month on the calendar is July 2014.  If you look at it all of the titles are blue violet except for 28 titles.  This means all of them are of July except for 28 months.  In one year, 11 months would not be July.  How many times can 11 fit into 28?

28 / 11 = 2 R6

Okay. This means that so far, two years have passed.  The next month is Ja...
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Math Puzzle of the Month of December 2011: Ring of Children

Posted by Omar Mughal on Thursday, December 1, 2011, In : Mathematics 
Some children were standing in a circle.  The 7th was standing opposite of the 29th kid.  How many kids are in this ring?
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